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    Get actionable insights on your recruiting and staffing efforts for you and your team thanks to the feedback you collect.

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    Isola heard those far-off melodies faint in the distance—heard without heeding. The notes were beyond measure familiar, interwoven with the very fabric of her life, for those were the airs Martin Disney loved, and she had played them to him nearly every evening in their quiet, monotonous life. She heard, unheeding, for her thoughts had wandered back to the night of the ball at Lostwithiel and all that went after it—the fatal night that struck the death-knell of peace and innocence.Manage your reputation via the on/off-switch: keep feedback internal or publish your reviews via Google and social media.

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    "Sir,The words of your ambassadors are stronger than your own. Share your ambassadors words to grow your business.

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Over 8,500 companies improve their business every day with Ratecard

"I am very glad. I am glad with all my heart."Successful companies translate feedback in service

Thijs Maters
Harvey Nash Nederland
Thijs Maters
Harvey Nash Nederland

"Please satisfy my curiosity. Is he really such a fascinating personage?"Ratecard is the perfect platform for collecting feedback: its intuitive and user-friendly. We use our ratings and reviews to get new clients and attract the best talent. Moreover, the feedback we receive helps us to improve every day.

Feedback makes a qualitative contribution to the matching process

Gnther Schraven
Gnter Schraven

With Ratecard, we get an idea of the experiences of our flexible manpower, and with this feedback we can improve the services of KPN Consulting. The more experiences clients and flexworkers share on Ratecard, the better we are able to work together.

Valuable conversation with clients and candidates

Timon van Groningen
Timon van Groningen

Reviews are discussed internally to optimally take advantage of possible opportunities. For example, we increased the frequency of contact moments with candidates - after placement at a client - because of feedback we received. Thats why we definitely recommend other organizations to use Ratecard!

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